Tommy Lee Thomas

Tommy Lee Thomas is an actor, writer and producer who develops and produces Faith based feature films.

Tommy Lee feels that God has a plan to use his talents to bring glory to His name through the creation and distribution of Christian media. With Tommy Lee’s extensive film and television background, he believes he possesses the contacts, abilities and drive to create Faith based films that will bring glory to God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Ever since Tommy Lee was 15, he knew he would be a filmmaker. It was at this young age that Tommy Lee, along with the help of his brother, Allen, started making no-budget feature movies using the camcorder that his parents bought them for this purpose. At the age of 18 and after having acted in, written and produced three no-budget “home” feature movies, Tommy Lee decided to become a professional actor and with the help of his high school, actor friend, Jason London, Tommy Lee got his first talent agent. After Tommy Lee’s second audition, he landed his first national television commercial, playing the part of a pizza delivery boy in a Domino’s Pizza commercial. After graduating from Desoto High School in 1991, Tommy Lee was accepted to the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California, but instead of attending the acting school in California, Tommy Lee opted to complete his undergraduate degree at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Tommy Lee appeared in approximately 50 television commercials by the time he was 22.

Upon graduation from SMU, Tommy Lee moved to Los Angeles to continue building upon his career in entertainment. In 1995, Tommy Lee married his best friend, Mindy and she moved to Los Angeles to be with him. While earning his MBA at Pepperdine University, in the evenings, Tommy Lee worked during the day to make his own movies. By the age of 25, Tommy Lee had starred in, written and produced his first feature film, “More Than Meets The Eye”. This film starred Mr. Universe, Tom Platz with music by Tommy Lee’s cousin, 5 time Grammy winner and multi-million record selling artist, B.J. Thomas. The film received international publicity in the magazine, “Muscle Mag International”.

In 1999, Tommy Lee acted in, produced co-wrote his second feature, “Proverbial Justice”. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friend, Franco Columbu, saw “Proverbial Justice” and agreed to handle foreign distribution for the action film. The movie was released internationally. In 2001, Tommy Lee took on his biggest filmmaking challenge to date, producing, and co-starring with Academy Award Nominated actor, Eric Roberts and Martin Kove in the action thriller, “Con Games”, which received worldwide distribution.

Over the next few years, Tommy Lee developed several key relationships with various filmmaking professionals, such as actor Chuck Norris, producer Randall Emmett, Alex Kendrick and Christopher Abram, among many others.

Tommy Lee decided to make films that glorify Christ and that share with people, all people how much Jesus Christ loves them and that He died for them so that they may have eternal life through Him.

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