Timothy Williams

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Timothy began acting in New York, doing several plays at Papp’s Public Theatre with Fisher Stevens and Keith Gordon, and also at the New York Theatre Ensemble with Daniel Stern and John Randolph. While in New York, Timothy was also a playwright and had a show “No Title (Yet)” mounted at the Stlla Adler Conservatory. After moving to Los Angeles in 1983, Timothy began acting in sitcoms and before long was writing them as well. While appearing in “The Tortellis” and “Brothers,” Timothy was also writing episodes for both shows. He later wrote and acted on the sitcom “Married People” as well. Timothy has also written for kiddie series TV (“Salute Your Shorts”), cartoons series TV (“Bobby’s World,” “Richie Rich”) and has penned several movie tie-in novels (“Born To Be Wild” and “Running Free”). In addition, he is the ghost writer behind two cult classic books: “My So-Called Career in Hollywood,” the autobiography of 1960’s sitcom writer E. Klass, and “I Am Not Lost in Space!” the fictionalized autobiography of iconic TV character Will Robinson. Timothy also has the distinction of winning the Governor’s Screenwriting Competition twice — in 2005 and 2007. His screenplay Nunley was picked up by producer Bernard (Daredevil, Charlotte’s Web) Williams, and is in development. In 2012 his screenplay ‘Tell’ was purchased by American Film Productions, with J.M.R Luna directing and is slated for a December 2014 release.

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