Thomas Cadrot

Thomas Julien Cadrot was born on September 11, 1986 in Paris, France. He is the youngest of three children of an accountant mother, Flora, and an liaison officer, Fernand, both from the French West Indies. Thomas was fortunate enough to travel to numerous destinations during his upbringing. Being raised in such diverse locations as Paris, Miami, San Juan and Caracas exposed him to a wide variety of cultures and allowed him to be fluent not only in French, but also in English and Spanish.

Always passionate about the performing arts, Thomas made a point to train and get involved in projects while he obtained his masters degree in international business. His degree in hand, the moment had come to make a decision to either pursue what he loved or stick to the more conventional path. The former prevailed and brought him to the beautiful city of Vancouver, where he currently resides and where a burgeoning film industry offers him opportunities daily.

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