Sugar Ray Robinson

Born Walker Smith, Jr., he borrowed the name of a fighter named Ray Robinson to box as an amateur so his mother wouldn’t find out. Undefeated as an amateur boxer, 85-0, with 69 knockouts, 42 of them in the first round. Turned pro in 1940 and won his first 40 fights. Lost his first fight by decision to Jake LaMotta. Robinson would defeat LaMotta five out of six times. He joined the U.S. Army and boxed countless exhibitions alongside World Heavyweight Champ Joe Louis. Robinson won his next 93 straight fights. He was a six-time world champion, winning the Welterweight Title and then the Middleweight Title five times. His career lasted 25 years. He defeated many of the greatest boxing champions of his day, among them LaMotta, Kid Gavilan, Gene Fullmer, Carmen Basilio, Randolph Turpin and Carl “BoBo” Olsen. Only stopped once in over 200 fights. Scored over 100 knockout victories. Lost his last fight to Joey Archer in 1965. Friends with Frank Sinatra. Once owned an entire city block in Harlem. Spent millions on a jet-setting lifestyle.

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