Steve Daron

After making several Indie films, Steve Daron was recommended to audition for screen legend Burt Reynolds and became one of his acting students. Daron showed work ethic, so Reynolds became the mentor showing him the ropes of film acting. Daron credits Reynolds for pushing him to take his work to a higher professional level. He did just that and got to work with his mentor in “Hollow Creek” [2015] playing Blake Blackman to Reynolds Seagrass Lambert in a very captivating movie scene. Continuing to audition Daron landed lead roles in two action dramas “Hidden Assets”[2016] and “Bus Driver,”[2016] (Robert Forster). Daron’s long time high level training in boxing and martial arts helped expedite the many fight scenes he was involved in. Then a genre switch, landing a supporting role in the romantic comedy “Swiped”[2017] starring Noah Centineo and George Hamilton. After co-producing several films, Daron decided he wanted to go solo and create “Movies with Meaning” that bring people together. The “Shadow Fighter”[2018](Burt Reynolds) was born. Steve Daron plays “Lightning” Rhodes a homeless ex-boxer that after years on the run, protects an inner-city teen who’s trying to shake the ruthless drug dealers that killed his brother and are trying to force him to deal. The unlikely bond between the homeless ex-boxer and the inner-city teen shows you never know who in life can help you. “Shadow Fighter” has a strong message for our peer pressured teens. “All that Matters”[2018] another movie w/ a message, addresses what really matters when dealing with tragic life events. He plays a brooding street hardened detective (Bobby Grimm) who fights for his job, after being investigated for his rookie partners on duty suicide. Steve Daron continues to seek the intricate complexity of human behavior in all his acting and film work.

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