Shawn-Caulin Young

A product of America’s hard-working middle class, Shawn-Caulin Young was born on March 22 in the small town of Lamar, Colorado to his father, jockey/race horse trainer, Jim, and his mother, Julie. Shawn (youngest of four) grew up in a predominately Latino / Navajo community in the deserts of Farmington, New Mexico. His heritage includes those of Irish, English, Norwegian and Swedish descents.

Upon discovering his love for acting in high school, Shawn-Caulin pursued a BFA in Acting from the prestigious performing arts conservatory, The Hartt School (UHA). After classically training in England and graduating with top honors from Hartt, he moved to NYC where he began his career in film and television. A self-professed “student of life” he has continued to explore his love of the human condition by studying acting with greats such as Anthony Meindl, Margie Haber, and the legendary Larry Moss.

Young was “discovered” by Burrows/Boland Casting and director Robert Zemeckis during the casting process of what would have been a live-action version of the beloved Beatles’ cartoon, The Yellow Submarine. Zemeckis selected him (second only to Cary Elwes) from an international talent pool to play famed Beatles’s guitarist George Harrison. Since then, Shawn has gone on to work on numerous film, television, and theater productions around the world.

An experienced horseman, stuntman, true collaborator and lover of life, he enjoys spending his spare time coaching/mentoring children and young adults around the world in the art of storytelling.

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