Sage Buchanan

From professional voice actor to breakout Indie film star, Sage’s addiction to creative mountain top climbing has landed him a string of lead roles in stage and media. As a fix it man for a software development firm, Buchanan’s secret corporate identity is often torn aside to reveal this superman of intriguing roles and homegrown creativity.

Growing up in a Missouri version of Smallville, where the dogs outnumbered the people, meant fostering his love for storytelling, performing and seeking out unique and entertaining opportunities. Sidekick to his archaeologist mom, their adventures left their suitcase rarely unpacked. Therefore, if Sage wanted new friends he had to play a Pied Piper tune to attract a new band of misfits in each town. Armed with a magical story telling flute called Dungeons & Dragons, the motivated young Buchanan cut his teeth on acting, like a musician practices his scales. After discovering the video camera, his school, church and even typing class became just another excuse for lip syncing videos and experiment guerrilla film making. Toss in football, choir and a photojournalism major and this renaissance country boy is complete. His new role, as the industrious villain in Lost Treasure of Jesse James, will bring Sage’s magical theatrics to the silver screen. So watch out Boss Hog. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Sage Buchanan!

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