Ron Smoorenburg

Ron Smoorenburg (44) holds the world record record highest kick (11 feet) is mainly known for the end fight in Jackie Chan’s ‘Who am I?’ (1998) which got a Hong Kong Oscar for the best action scene of the year.

Over the last 20 years Ron worked with a lot of well known martial art action stars like; Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, Jean Claude van Damme, Donnie Yen, Iko Uwais, Michael Jay White, Gary Daniels, Marko Zaror, Steven Seagal, Kane Kosugi and Scott Adkins and developed himself in the last 20 years as an actor which with a versatile and experienced action background.

In Thailand Ron is known for numerous Tv appearances and his fight with Tony Jaa in ‘Tom Jum Goong’ (2005) and Recently Ron fought Tony Jaa again and has played a significant part in ‘Triple Threat’ (Aka the Asian Expendables) as the German ‘Steiner’ which has released in 2019 in Chinese and US theaters, and worldwide distribution.

Also in more specific Asian countries Ron is known for his work like in India where he fought Akshay Kumar in ‘Brothers’ (2016) with a memorable fight scene. Also in China Besides Jackie Chan’s ‘Who am I?’, Ron is known for ‘Crazy Alien’ (2019) which had a box office record in China. He also played a main part in Luc Besson’s ‘Warriors Gate’ as the main hero ‘The Black Knight’. Another highlight is a special 1 shot (2 minutes) dojo fight scene vs. Scott Adkins in ‘Ninja 2’, Shadow of a tear (2014).

Ron used all of his experience for ‘English Dogs’ as one of the lead actors called ‘Dutch’ and is fight coordinator, Action director and edits all the major fight scenes

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