Ron Selmour

Ronald Selmour was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Ayiti, (Haiti) to Marguerite (S Joseph) and J P Decius Selmour, business owners. Though he graduated from Dawson College with a DEC in Social Sciences, future Actor Ronald Selmour decided he needed to further his education in a totally different field; he then ventured to Montreal, where he entered the Bachelor program in theater at Concordia University. His experiences there studying the craft motivated Selmour to pursue a career as a film actor, and he eventually found success, first popping up in an episode of the mystery-crime series “Millennium” in 1998. As is the case with many new actors, Selmour didn’t achieve his best work overnight, working for many years in a number of rather unglamorous parts–including a spot as a bartender in the mini-series “Harsh Realm,” and another as a security guard in the critically loathed Tom Green vehicle “Freddy Got Fingered.” But with his mysterious looks and tough physique, it was only a matter of time before Selmour found his true niche in adventure/action films. He appeared with a small role in the 2004 sci-fi adventure “The Chronicles of Riddick,” and around the turn of the decade, he found more visible roles in two big-budget projects: the sci-fi sequel “TRON: Legacy” and the visually stunning(if critically polarizing) Zack Snyder fantasy, “Sucker Punch.”

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