Rodney J. Hobbs

Rodney J. Hobbs was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the second of four children to Robert and Remell Hobbs. Rodney dreamed of becoming an actor since he could remember (at least since age 6), but disregarded his dream when his teachers told him he was smart and should pursue a more professional career. He excelled in his studies by having straight As from 1st grade all the way through his senior year of high school. He was Student Council president, and was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by his high school peers. After graduating from Central High, Rodney earned a degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia. He was recruited out of UVA by Overnite Transportation Co., where he worked full-time in the Human Resources dept. However, after 1 1/2 years of corporate America, Rodney was unfulfilled. He then remembered his original dream and started to pursue an acting/modeling career on the side. He began by acting in community theater around Richmond, and eventually worked his way to professional local theater there. Next he signed up with several agencies and began getting work in commercials, industrial videos, and the occasional movie. After 10 years, Rodney left Overnite and Richmond to further his pursuit of an acting/entertainment career in Los Angeles, where he now resides with his wife Freda. He is slowly but steadily getting work in commercials, short films, TV series, and student films, and will continue to achieve more and more as he pursues his lifelong dream.

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