Richard Kern

Richard Kern has been acting for years. He studied at H.B. Studios in Manhattan under William Hickey. He has been in movies like Heart with Brad Davis and played “Dana’s Father” in Out Of Touch Directed by Terry Wickham. After some time away, Richard has returned to acting with a commitment to not only playing roles but helping movies get made as a producer. Richard plays the pivotal role of “Louis” in “Stash.” Richard executive produced this episode which is part of the feature film Devil’s Five. He played Seth in Take It Back by Rocco Gioia & Phil Locastro, where he was also an executive producer. He is working on The Streetz 2 by Eddie Rocky Rivera, where he is an actor and producer, and is taking his first shot at being an assistant director. Not only has Richard been in all sorts of roles as an actor but he has worked in print as well and is on radio talk show The Dan Romano Show on WLINY .

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