Richard Brooker

Discovered by a casting magazine “Dramalogue” for the role of mindless killer Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part III (1982), Richard Brooker also gained the role of Oghris in “Deathstalker” (1983). It was the only acting experience of Brooker, who later start creating completely a different professional career. Brooker is originally from Europe, where he was a son of C.S.M.I. (Canadian forces school of Military Intelligence) of the British Cavalry. Was also an avid polo player and sailor. He has performed as a trapeze artist and stage manager in circus throughout the world and trained and performed with horses. Later he trained horses again for stunts and stunt coordination and worked in all areas of television and production. At the end of 80 ties he became technical and production manager, and also an independent producer, mainly for Polo Championships, Horse shows, Fox Sports and many others. In the period 1999-2002 he was executive in Charge Of Production for 6 daily shows, produced in Digital Television for AENTV (Alternative Entertainment Network). Directed 42 episodes of 1993 TV Series “Bill Nye the Science Guy”.

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