Ricardo Ortiz

Ricardo Ortiz (or Ricky as he likes to be called) was born in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Canada at the age of seven.

A few years later he auditioned for a school play and got the part of Sebastian in The Little Mermaid musical. His performance earned him an award for Outstanding Achievement in a School Production and helped him discover his passion for acting. He then began taking acting classes and shortly after booked his first role on the CW show, The 100.

After shooting a few commercials, Ricardo landed his first Series Lead role as Max in the upcoming Family Channel series, Bajillionaires, by writer/creator Derek Harvie (Skins) and executive produced by Charles Bishop (Bowling for Columbine) and DHX Media. The single camera half hour comedy follows 12-year-old Max Graham and his group of friends as they manage their startup company. The series is scheduled to debut on Family Channel (Canada) and Universal Kids (US) in 2019.

Ricardo was then cast in a Recurring Guest Star role on the upcoming mini-series drama Unspeakable, executive produced by Robert C. Cooper (Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1). The show explores Canada’s tainted blood scandal as his character Ryan Sanders, a hemophiliac, deals with the struggles of balancing a normal life with the challenges of his condition. It premieres on the CBC network on January 9th, 2019.

He recently wrapped a Guest Star role on the upcoming Disney series Gabby Duran and The Unsittables by writer/producer Mike Alber (Kirby Buckets).

Ricardo is a Canadian citizen who still has his Brazilian roots and speaks fluent Portuguese. When Ricardo is not on set or in school he likes to play video games, spend time with his family and create short films with his friends.

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