Raymond Thiry

Raymond Thiry is a European actor. He started out in theatre in 1987 with his theatre group Alex d’Electrique, a well known group with success in the Netherlands as well as in Germany.

After starring in several prime time TV series, he takes up the lead in 2006 in the art house film Langer Licht by David Lammers and receives a prestigious Golden Calf Nomination at the Dutch Filmfestival. In 2009 he wins this same award for his brilliant work in Winter in Wartime (Martin Koolhoven) and in 2015 he is again awarded, for his role in Blood , Sweat & Tears (2015) by Diederick Koopal.

Raymond impresses as Luther in the Dutch Crime series Penoza (Diederik van Rooijen). He also starred in the feature film Wolf , the Dutch nomination for the European Film Awards in 2014 and in The Paradise Suite (Joost van Ginkel), submitted for Best Foreign Language at the Oscars in 2016. In 2016 Raymond worked on several films like Een Echte Vermeer by Rudolf van den Berg and the last season of Penoza.

Languages: Dutch, German, English

Raymond Thiry is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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