Ramón Valdés

Ramón Valdés was a Mexican actor of film and television best known for his portrayal of Don Ramón in the popular sitcom El Chavo. Prior to becoming a television star, Valdés was an extra in many films.

Valdés participated in more than 50 Mexican films, specializing in hyperactive underdog characters. He is likely best-remembered for playing Don Ramón in the hit television show El Chavo. Valdés also appeared on Chespirito’s other hit show, El Chapulín Colorado, usually as Chapulín’s antagonist, the famous Tripaseca (“Dry Gut”). In some episodes, he portrayed a character named Super Sam, an English-speaking, money-thirsty superhero dressed as Superman, clearly mocking Uncle Sam and the relatively wealthy situation of United States, when compared to average Latin American countries, as well as criticizing the American colonialism. Valdés also played El Peterete, the original partner of El Chómpiras in early versions of the Los Caquitos sketches.

Both El Chavo and El Chapulín became major international hits across Latin America, Spain, the United States and other non-Spanish speaking countries, giving their entire cast international fame.

On 9 August 1988, Valdés died at age 64 after a battle with stomach cancer.

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