Ralph Bucko

Ralph Bucko (real name Ralph Bouckou) was a working cowhand from Yakima, Washington, who, with his brother Roy Bucko, drifted south and found themselves riding Hollywood’s western ranges. Neither brother was often billed but Ralph was billed either as Ralph Bucko or by his nickname, “Buck’ Bucko, and he actually had a credit or so when he was billed as Ralph “Buck” Bucko. Because of the two different billing names in his few credited roles, trade journals of the time, especially the annual “Film Daily Year Book”, carried a listing for both Ralph Bucko and Buck Bucko, even though both names were for the same actor. Some sources don’t know that so, based on their skimpy and incorrect research, three Bucko brothers have been “created.” Ralph/Buck worked in well over 200 sound-era westerns and serials, and both Bucko brothers appeared in most of the Ken Maynard westerns of the era. Both were primarily mainstays at Columbia and Universal during that period, and both worked in many Republic films from 1935-1952 or so. Both Bucko brothers were present in most of the films either worked in, but not always – Roy appeared in at least 55 more films than Ralph. Ralph was the smaller of the two brothers. Pictures of both brothers can be found on Chuck Anderson’s “The Old Corral” website.

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