Raj Jawa

Raj Jawa is an actor and Los Angeles native, born in Culver City. While studying Film Production and giving himself minor voice over roles in his short films produced in college, he grew fond of acting and began working with friend and filmmaker Diego Miranda to form mbcFilms. He acted in lead roles in I’m Not Real (2012) and Fourth (2011), and he’d help produce five other short films with Miranda.

In 2008, Jawa received his Associates Degree with Honors in Film and Video Production. Over the years that followed, he would act in over 50 projects and studied with several acting coaches including Doug Warhit and Katt Shea; he’s now actively studying with Stephen Snyder at the Rossi / Snyder Actors Studio. It was there that he connected with and signed with Rascals Talent Agency in mid-2016.

Jawa has directed and produced seven short films including a documentary, Weed and Me, as well as the award winning film P.A. which starred Jawa for the first time in one of his own directed narratives. He’s also worked in various capacities on a number of sketches and short scenes such as his work with Great Shakes and his own created series The Shy Guys (2013). Jawa has also continued to collaborate actively with Motown Maurice and his Late Night Experiment since working on the pilot in 2012.

In 2014, Jawa established a production company, Garaj Pictures, to produce low-budget, high-quality features and he is looking to release the company’s first feature film Shadows Fall (2016), co-written and executive produced by Jawa, in 2017.

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