Radu Spinghel

Radu Spinghel is a Romanian actor and MMA fighter. Born in Romania, he arrived in the US in 1989 due to his father’s health issues, when he was 14 years old. The rough life in Brooklyn (New York) made him take boxing and street fighting lessons. This helped him a lot in life when he decided to dedicate his life as a professional MMA fighter. His imposing stature and the aggressivity in the rink propelled him to the Hollywood, not as an actor, but as a bodyguard for Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez and Jim Carrey. Radu Spinghel made it to the great screen in 2002, playing in the Spike Lee’s “25th Hour”. As the movie had great success, he was soon cast in “The Pink Panther” , “The Narrows” or the “Gotham” TV show.

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