Pierre Jalbert

The son of a newspaperman, Canadian-born Pierre Jalbert graduated from Ouellet College and attended Laval University. A champion skier, he went to study art appreciation at the Sorbonne in Paris. In 1949 he visited Hollywood and later that year returned to Paris and joined a French film company as a production assistant. A stint as a ski instructor at Sun Valley in the early 1950s whetted his acting ambitions, and in 1952 he headed to Hollywood. In the beginning he worked at a variety of jobs before eventually finding steady employment as a film cutter and editor at MGM. He had been employed there for nearly ten years before signing to play the French-speaking Caje (short for Cajun) LeMay in ABC-TV’s hit war series, Combat! (1962). Pierre’s post-“Combat!” acting career included appearances in made-for-television movies and several hit series. Primarily though, he earned his reputation–and living–as a film editor.

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