Owen Alabado

Owen Alabado was born in Janesville, Wisconsin to Wisconsin native Gwennie Riese and Phillippines native Miguel Alabado. Owen caught the acting bug when he was cast as Santa Clause in the 3rd grade Christmas play. After doing high school plays, musicals, show choirs, and talent shows Owen ventured to the University of Wisconsin: Stevens Point to obtain his BFA in Acting. After a stint in regional theater Owen then made his move to Los Angeles to pursue his career in film and television. Owen got his first tv break landing the role of the Accuser in the “Michael Jackson Trial Reenactments”. This was the first show of its kind, reenacting a trial while the trial was going on. To this day it was one of the most challenging acting jobs Owen has ever had to take on. With ten years of Stand up and Improv under his belt, Owen is a formidable comedic actor as well. He has wrote and directed his own comedy web series called “Dudes”, which is a show loosely based off of his personal life. “Dudes” has won numerous awards including “Best Web Series” for the Austin Indie Film Fest, “Best Web Screenplay” for the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, “Award of Merit” from the Accolade Global Film Competition, and “Best Webisode” from the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, just to name a few. Owen continues to push forward in the industry and will be without a doubt a name to know.

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