Nito Larioza

Born & raised in Oahu, Hawaii Nito has already had an illustrious career for such a young man in the entertainment business. Nito is currently in the tv & film industry as a Stunt Coordinator, Movement, Dance & Fight Choreographer. His accomplishments have been numerous from blockbuster movies Jumanji, Avatar, Jungle Book, Indiana Jones The Crystal Skull, Transformers & X Men. As a dancer Nito has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Pink, Ziggy Marley, Britney Spears,Pussycat Dolls, Michael Jackson & Madonna. But Nito’s talent doesn’t stop there he was also signed too Reprise/Warner Bros, boyband called TNG The New Generation. As he continues to trek through the entertainment industry one thing is certain, wherever Nito goes excitement will sure to follow

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