Nicky Andersen

Nicky Andersen is a professional Dancer and Choreographer. He started dancing at the age of 4, inspired by the music videos of Michael Jackson. He was also very influenced by his siblings, who both where dancing at that time.

Through his journey of dance he has won several national and international hip hop dance competitions including the world championships in solo and the world championships in battle, five times.

In addition to his skills as a dancer, he is a professional commercial choreographer and has choreographed for four Danish teams that have won the World Championship as well as the Danish championship. Furthermore, Nicky has performed in various TV shows such as Popstars, X Factor, Danish DJ Awards and Hjørdis, and was the lead character in the interval act for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Nicky has also performed at the Royal Danish Theatre as a dancer in the well-known musical Cabaret.

Most recently Nicky has been working on the new live action Disney film Aladdin as an assistant choreographer. In addition to this, Nicky was Aladdin’s dance double in multiple numbers. He worked closely with the Director Guy Ritchie and the Actor Will Smith.

Furthermore Nicky works as a choreographer on the TV program ‘Dance Dance Dance’ and ‘DanceSing’ in the Netherlands with Talpa – one of the world’s biggest company for television.

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