Nicanor Mendoza III

Nicanor mostly uses his nickname, Nick, to make it easier for people. Nick is the third generation, following his father and grandfather, to join the military. His father, Nicanor II, served in the US Navy, retiring as a Corpsman Chief. His grandfather, Nicanor I, served in the US Army, retiring as a 1st Lieutenant during WWII. With this said, it makes Nick a pre-destined military brat. Nick grew up in the city of Orange, California. He joined the military late in life because he had many goals he wanted to achieve before making such a life sacrifice. After graduating high school in 1998, Nick went off to Culinary School in Portland, Oregon, receiving his first degree in Culinary Arts, majoring in Pastry Arts. After Culinary School, while working as a pastry chef, Nick decided to go back to college at The University College of Los Angeles wanting to achieve another Major in his life. Nick enrolled in Fire Administration, to become a municipal firefighter. As Nick was attending school for firefighting, he enrolled in advanced photography courses, college choir which performed worldwide, piano and music theory, Personal Weight Lifting and Training through The American College of Sports Medicine and EMT-1. After all his achievements in school, Nick felt ready to see the world through the Navy. One of his personal goals is to see every country possible and experience their culture, diversity and language. He enlisted in the Navy in San Diego and has been traveling ever since. From countries like South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Noumea, and Japan; to Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Spain, The Philippine Islands, Indonesia, and Germany; just to name a few. Nick believes that the success of Bands For Arms lies heavily on his staff, leading and guiding him to the decisions that make Bands For Arms what it is today. Naming bracelets after people who have influenced him, is just a little token of his appreciation. Nick has high hopes for Bands For Arms, to continue to grow within more American hearts, creating a new idea in people’s minds about supporting our American military by connecting lives through a piece of uniform on a band, worn on an arm. Nick thanks his staff, his family, and his deceased friend who sparked the idea — Bands For Arms.

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