Nathan Halliday

Biography of: Nathan Halliday

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 21 year old Nathan Halliday realized his dream of acting and dancing by 12 years of age. Endless hours filming his sister’s ballroom dancing was the spark that inspired Nathan to begin his own training. By 2006, he graduated from the Public Academy of Performing Arts, successfully booked several print campaigns and began dancing on the Popstarz team and other dance venues.

In 2007, Nathan was ready to expand his horizons and headed to Los Angeles to advance his dance career and begin working in the TV and film industry. Within one month, Nathan secured a Guest Starring Role on CBS’s “Cold Case” where he played a talented young dancer, forced to gather his courage amidst ridicule and danger.

Since 2009, Nathan continued to work with CBS and Guest Starred on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as well as “Ghost Whisperer”. He also booked a national television campaign for “LeapFrog” and continued to study with his private acting coach.

Most recently, he took a lead role in “Desert Son” where he played Jack, a young man whose jealousy channeled itself into a violent rage that manifested into deadly, paranoid delusion. “Desert Son” premiered at the 2010 Method Fest, where Nathan was the proud recipient of the Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film.

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