Mirko Grillini

Mirko was born in Bologna, Italy. His very first approach to entertainment was at 16, when he followed a fashion career for a while modeling between, MIlan, Florence and London, for some strong Italian labels. In 1992, after over a year in London, he moved to Australia. Modelling was of no interest anymore and his work in hospitality was moving towards entertainment, with many appearances on TV and cooking stages around Australia by the early 2000. In 2001, he decided to commit to a professional presenting course so he could improve his accent, speech and theatrical abilities. He fell in love with acting, still pursuing his culinary abilities, he made a slow transition into the world of film and TV and in 2009 he had is first role on a large scale production: Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Trader, followed by lead roles in Feature Films, guest roles in US and Australian series and a seriously Bad Guy in the multi award winning series Wanted. Working in Film and Food Arts was the dream and the blend of Acting, Directing, Presenting and cooking has settled strongly in Mirko’s lifestyle and career.

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