Milo Twomey

Milo Twomey was born in 1969. Brought up in his native London his debut was at age fourteen as head choir boy Trevithic in the Children’s Film Unit’s adaptation of ‘A Swarm in May’ though in later life his voice developed into a baritone. He has made notable stage appearances with the likes of Kneehigh,the National Theatre and the Manchester Royal Exchange. In 2009 he toured with Hannah Yelland in an acclaimed revival of ‘Btief Encounter’ and in 2010 won plaudits for the one-man show ‘Dandy in the Underworld’,portraying self- proclaimed rake Sebastian Horsley – notwithstanding the unfortunate fact that Horsley died of a suspected overdose two days into the play’s run. On film he led the ensemble ‘Jolly Boy’s Last Stand’ and has appeared frequently on television in everything from ‘Eastenders’ to ‘Band of Brothers’.

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