Mayf Nutter

Born Mayfred Nutter on November 19th 1941 in Clarksburg, West Virginia. later shortened to Mayf in 1957 after playing on All-star Babe Ruth baseball team when a Sportswriter kept having difficulty spelling correctly… So the writer just shortened it to MAYF and it stuck after his Coach began to call him MAYF as well and the rest is history. Adamson is shown in some commentaries as to be the Surname…. This is inaccurate however there is a story behind the claim…. In fact the name Adamson was suggested as a way to sound real as the name Mayf Nutter sounded like a comedic singer…. Which in fact Mayf was…. the suggestion came from long time friend legendary singer songwriter Pat Boone and was in fact used in one TV Episode …. Mayf was ask by Buck Owens to be apart of the Emerging Bakersfield Sound… West Coast Country Music… Mayf has a string of TV and Movie roles starting in the Black and White Western Gunsmoke as Festus Hagans cousin…. Most noted for his portrayal of Bobby Bigelow Leader of the Band known on Walton’s Mountain as the Haystack Gang. and Parker Winslow boyfriend to Valene Ewing on Knotts Landing.

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