Max Valentine

Of Mediterranean descent with the background in Diplomacy and Oriental studies: emphasis on spoken Japanese. Also speaks Mediterranean and Russo-phobic dialects without accent. Multicultural. Plays Piano not limited to Classical Music.

“Real Football” ‘fiend’: that one, that was once played by Maradona – NOT Donovan.

Won his first ‘major’ chess tournament at the age of 9. Beat a Chess Grandmaster in the simultaneous chess event 2 years later.

Quit wrestling in the 7th grade in commemoration of ‘Gandhi doctrine’ observance.

His high-school literature graduation essay was coined by the Professor “A Swan Song”.

Used to “move art” on the streets of New York, whence “off the boat and lonesome” for the first time ever in the ‘hoodoo land’. Lived in four different states. Loves SoBe.

Once upon a time ‘newbie in LA’, was nicknamed ‘Platypus’ by his Australian then girl-friend, Michelle Blood, singer of “Glassworks” that used to be a permanent traveling ‘warm-up’ band for INXS.

Grandparents (especially the beloved grandfather, whom he called “Peter The Great”) fought Nazis till the bitter end – ‘storm of Berlin’ – during the WWII. Mother Eleanor is the Academician and the Professor, well-versed in Oriental culture and Economic trends, honored by “Who is Who in Europe”. Father Valentin is a Civil Engineer, who worked for the same company – he started with after college graduation, then retired from – all his life.. “meager” 51 years! He’s currently blind due to irrevocable glaucoma complications. Sister Julie brought up two handsome nephews – Alexey and Denis, who were home schooled and well-traveled while growing up in South East Asia’s such exotic places as Singapore, Seoul and Beijing. “The going was tough, so tough got going!”: now they’re both Mandarin fluent.

Worked as an actor and stunt performer on many sets of action movies and sitcoms.

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