Mark Aaron Bolton

Mark Aaron Bolton is known for his work on Grimm (2011) and Z Nation (2014). Born in Dublin, Ireland, Mark moved to the United States at the age of 26, becoming a U.S. citizen and dual citizen of both countries. He has 9 years military experience as an Infantry Specialist, Artillery Specialist, and Reconnaissance Specialist, and has served overseas on missions and protective operations in various African countries. Mark is also a certified Maritime Security Specialist and Vessel Security Officer, trained for anti-piracy operations through an academy operated by former Navy SEALs. Throughout his life, he has been a keen student of Japanese martial arts. Holding a 2nd Degree Black Belt, Mark is also well versed in many of the Samurai weapons of feudal Japan. Along with being a stunt performer, he is the Executive Security Manager for a film studio. Mark is married to Ariana Richards.

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