Malcolm Xavier

Malcolm Xavier is an American actor who has portrayed an array of different characters. From being everyone’s teenage sweetheart, ‘Bo’, in Disney’s international hit show, “The Avatars” (2014), to playing a psycho emo killer, ‘Art’, in the independent holiday thriller, “Killer Christmas” (2017).

He was born Malcolm Xavier Jones, on March 30th in the early nineties in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. His passion for acting came in the 9th grade where he attended Oakland Mills High school. He trained and performed in musicals such as “Grease”, where he played ‘Kenickie’. Continuing his craft, Malcolm Xavier transferred to Franklin High School, where he played, ‘The Duke’, in William’s Shakespeare’s, “The Comedy of Errors”.

Upon graduating from Franklin High School, Malcolm Xavier continued to train for theater, film, and television at one of NYC’s top acting schools, The American Musical Dramatic Academy, AMDA and graduated 2011. Soon thereafter he signed a management deal and began booking nationwide commercials, feature films, and voice over’s for Google, Smirnoff, and Biolage Shampoo.

In 2013, Malcolm Xavier would go on to make his way into the international circuit. Filming in Madrid, Spain for 6 months to play the teenage heartthrob and keyboard player, ‘Bo’, on Disney’s “The Avatars”. A year later he spent 2 months training to portray a boxer, ‘Kid Sunshine’ in the crime drama, “Glass Chin”, which premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2015 Malcolm played a mischievous teenager looking for some cash playing ‘Kai’ in CBS’s “Elementary” and in 2016 he starred as a Disc Jockey in the 70’s, ‘DJ Johnny’, on HBO’s “Vinyl”. This year Malcolm Xavier has been featured in Seven Seconds on Netflix and NBC’s Rise.

In the middle of auditions, Malcolm Xavier writes his own pilots and screenplays while submitting to festivals and competitions. Malcolm Xavier resides in Los Angeles, CA. His other activities, outside his acting profession, include reading, yoga, boxing, painting, roller skating, creating, and spending time with his loved ones.

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