Kurt Yaeger

Kurt Yaeger is widely recognized for his character Greg the Peg on the hit series Sons of Anarchy (2008). CBS All Access brought Kurt into the new series Tell Me a Story (2018) right after he starred in the UK hit comedy film The Festival (2018). He’s also known for roles in Quarry (2016), Pure Genius (2016), NCIS: Los Angeles (2009), Shooter (2016), and Shameless (2011).

Yaeger is a highly respected member of the SAG/AFTRA committee Performers with Disabilities, and advocates for the inclusion of actors with disabilities in roles not specified for disabled characters. Yaeger is an amputee actor and speaks with network executives, show runners, writers, and casting agents about ways to increase inclusion though understanding and insight.

Yaeger is also a former professional X Games athlete. Years after losing his leg in a horrible accident, Kurt came back, was the first amputee in the X Games, and the first amputee to successfully pull a backflip, and still rides to this day. Even after losing his leg, he has run up the Empire State Building, 86 floors in 20 minutes and 19 seconds; completed 55-mile triathlons; and done several adventure challenges for the Challenged Athlete Foundation, raising money and awareness for the charity.

Motorcycles are Yaeger’s second passion. He has hosted the BMW GS Trophy Challenge for several years, and rides motorcycles off-road all around the world: Thailand, Madagascar, the Canadian Rockies, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Europe, and the United States. He works with several motorcycle manufactures and companies to create motorcycle-related content.

Social media has been a key component to Yaeger’s rising career. Fans from all over the world interact and support his acting and charitable efforts, creating an organic relationship.

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