Kumar Varun

Kumar Varun aka Kranti from Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare aka Anirban from Better Life Foundation aka Failure from Honest Campus Placements aka Paranoid from Honest House Party aka Whatsapp Kaka aka… the list goes on! KV is an Engineer turned IT guy turned MBA turned Brand Manager turned a full- time actor and stand up comedian. He, along with his partner in crime and friend from work, Rahul Subramanian formed the comedy collective – Random Chikibum and went on to win India’s first ever YouTube Comedy Hunt followed by ‘Random Daftar’ – a series of sketches based on humor in corporate life. Apart from TV commercials, YouTube sketches and web series – KV has done stand-up shows in numerous cities and campuses and corporate offices across the country. When not doing any of the above, he loves to travel, eat food, watch football and to share trivia about everything he does and sees!

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