Kevin Vance

Kevin Vance is Canadian-born, American-raised and US Military Veteran. He was surrounded by artists in his youth that inspired and injected him with the purpose to create. Born in Toronto, Kevin’s father was a writer/producer of radio shows and documentarian for the CBC. His surroundings were filled with writers, natural history filmmakers, actors, painters… His mother began her career as a nurse and earned her MBA then retiring as an Administrator/CEO of various Drug and Alcohol rehab centers across the globe. She opened and ran Eric Clapton’s Crossroads hospital in Antigua and spent many years as the Director of the Betty Ford Center. She sits on the National Board for Drug and Alcohol rehab as a chairwoman.

Kevin had an extensive athletic background earning honors and medals in numerous sports. Playing Water Polo in college earned him All-American honorable mention recognition in his sophomore year. After university, Kevin began his career in the Navy in the US Spec Ops community as a Navy SEAL deploying to various parts of the globe. After leaving his Navy command, he ventured into foreign affairs as a consultant for 8 years where he deployed to combat zones and unstable regions. With a diverse background as a Corpsman, SEAL, Firefighter and Rescue Specialist, Kevin channels the depth of experiences to bring authenticity into his work as a writer and actor.

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