Kevin Pereira

Host. Producer. Writer. Serial entrepreneur. Musician. Comedic-foil. Prompter-monkey. Tech-junkie. Kevin Pereira has been labeled many things over the past few years, and for good reason: He’s done it all!

Kevin studied film and television production with a scholarship to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Afterwards; he moved to Los Angeles and quickly found himself at G4. Since its inception, Kevin has been the face of the network; responsible for hosting and producing over 1,400 hours of live television. Kevin is the creator of G4’s digital-pop-culture show Attack of the Show, the flagship program for the network, as well as other G4 programs. In addition, he can be seen every week on E! News.

Kevin is developing television shows and digital-media projects outside of G4 through his production company Super Creative. He also appears on E! News, NPR’s Marketplace and writes for various publications including Wired magazine.

Fun fact? Pereira is Portuguese. Which means absolutely nothing to 98.4% of the entertainment industry, but it’s still a fact nonetheless.

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