Keenan Jolliff

Keenan Wesley Hart Jolliff, only minutes away from being a Madison (mother’s intuition), was born in Corvallis, Oregon, raised in Boulder, Colorado, and built a home (thank you Ikea) in Brooklyn, NY.

Keenan is an actor, (at times) a dancer, and (at his best) a poet. He first learned how to walk in the Experimental Theatre Wing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He found movement under the tutelage of Stephen Petronio, Barney O’Hanlon, and Annie B. Parsons. He found his voice in the hymns of Richard Armstrong and Jonathan Hart Makwaia, and he found action in the guidance of Terry Knickerbocker, Kevin Kuhlke, Jessica Hecht, Betsy Aidem and a slew of others.

A die hard Garden State fan, imagi-married to Hayley Williams, and continually attempting to glue the french language onto the inner lining of his cranium.. he’s spiked his hair since the age of 7 if only to pursue dreams of being a Super Saiyan.

Music is his life blood. It reminds him how to run. He can oft be found in the center of a mosh pit, or weeping in the fourth row of a Regina Spektor concert. Someday he would like to live in the Musée d’Orsay, if only to wake up to the tune of Monet’s ‘Magpie’ every morning.

He believes that chivalry is not dead and would tattoo a beautiful crest on his chest to somehow prove it, were it not for an irrational fear of not being cast in some new pilot written by Aaron Sorkin. He carries copies of Red Light Winter and Over The Anvil We Stretch in his backpack because little reminders of how art can change you feel like the best things to bring with.

He imagines that someday Brooklyn will be so hip they’ll decide to revoke the ways of concrete and get back to baseness. They’ll construct a mountain out of discarded Beiber albums, and his crew from BoCo will run the first beta on that $%^&. Side note, he frequently works out (read: busts moves in the bathroom) to the sultry whispers of J-Beebs… Promise.

One time he scribbled notes on a 4×6 while Michael Shannon, clad in the baddest kicks, said “it takes a village to raise an actor”. Well graphite fades quick, but honest words they spread thick, so though it’s here in these links, it’s integral not to forget… the beginning… curated by the following artists: Stephanie Holbrook, Julie Schubert, and Allison Estrin. My eternal appreciation.

To put it simply..

I.. am a constant attempt at patience. A quest to find balance between the dreams and the basics. To value the view whether it’s blue skies or raining, And keep on returning to that old track from Dangerous…

“Because nothing’s worth the pain in your back, believe in that. The world can take control, but don’t ever lose your heart. Because I know you better than that.”

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