Kaleo Elam

Kaleo Elam is 4th generation in the Motion Picture Industry. His great grandfather, Daniel Elam, began his acting career in the 30s and 40s as a bit player and an extra. Daniel inspired his son Greg W. Elam, Kaleo’s grandfather, to want to act at a very young age. At the innocent age of six, Greg W. Elam worked in his first motion picture, Loving You with Elvis Presley. Greg W. Elam’s credits are impressive and with over 60 years in the Motion Picture Industry has had the career as a Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, and Writer. Greg W. Elam’s sons, Ousaun, Kiante, and Kofi Elam, all have successful careers as Stuntmen and Stunt Coordinators. Ousaun has Stunt Double Hollywood’s A-list actors like Denzel Washington, Lawrence Fishburne, Morris Chestnut, and more. Kiante Stunt Double A-list actor Will Smith and he solely Stunt Double A-list actor Samuel L. Jackson. Kaleo Elams’s father, Kofi Elam, Stunt Double A-list actors Brandon T. Jackson, Don Cheadle, D. L. Hughley, and more.

Kaleo Elam got his first big blockbuster break at the tender age of three. He was cast as Ronnie Mackenzie, Maya Rudolph and Chris Rock’s 2-year old son in Grown Ups 2. In his hilarious role as Ronnie, he stole the hearts of viewers nationwide and internationally with his charm and cuteness. His comedic timing was impressive and during his filming Adam Sandler said, “Great job buddy, do anyone else have anymore lines to give him.” His famous line, “Oh that’s cold” was the most memorable line from Grown Ups 2 and was played in most of the trailers repeatedly for the movie’s debut and was played at the People’s Choice Award. Although Grown Ups 2 did not take home the award for Favorite Comedic Movie, millions saw his infamous line at the end of the clip.

Since Grown Ups 2, Kaleo Elam has been extremely busy making his mark in this Industry with guest appearances on television shows and many national commercials, and print campaigns. The future is bright and promising for this young star.

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