Kadeem Wilson

Saturday, October 12, 2019 9:22 AM

Kadeem Wilson is an actor/musician who was born and raised in the inner city of Franklin Town, Jamaica where he was introduced at a tender age to music and the performing arts through the church, singing and performing in their seasonal theatre productions.

At 16, while attending the Excelsior Community College he was cast in his first mainstream theatre production ‘Through the Fire’. In 2007 he was cast in the theatre production ‘Caught in the Net’ which won the Actor Boy Award for Best Comedy of the Year.

In 2008 he was cast in the theatre production “RRR”, and in 2009, he won the Mr Emancipation Award; In that same year, Kadeem joined the LTM Pantomime Company, performing in the season’s show ‘Pirate Jack’, that won several Actor Boy awards. In 2010 Kadeem was cast in the movie ‘Ghett-A-Life’ as Gully Rat (Jr lead antagonist), winning the Cannes Film Festival Best Script award in 2011 and being dubbed by CNN “The best African film of the twenty-first (21st) century.”

In 2011 he was cast in the television series “Kingston House” as Che (lead antagonist) and invited by The Bible Society Of The West Indies to be a part of their production series ‘Luke In Action’ – a theatrical production geared towards promoting the book of Luke in Jamaican creole- with the play ‘Weh Luk A Seh’. In the production, which toured all 14 parishes of Jamaica, he played the lead antagonist (Don T).

In 2012 he joined Oliver Samuels in the theatre production ‘Who A Di Don’ and the Canadian feature film, ‘Home Again’, that won the Pan African Film Festival Award for Best International Film.

Kadeem was featured in the local film ‘Destiny’ in 2014 and international film “Sprinter” in 2019.

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