Juan Pablo Gamboa

Juan Pablo Gamboa is a United States citizen born in Cali, Colombia on November 24, 1966. The second of four children, he was raised in a bi-cultural, bilingual household due to his mother’s Bostonian origin and his father’s Colombian heritage. He began delving in Theatre at a young age, participating in school musicals and attending specialized music classes at the Cali Conservatory.

He continued his studies in 1984 at Hofstra University in New York, simultaneously with a Film Production Major, eventually starting a career in Production at Maysles Films, a documentary film company in New York City. Time would place him in Miami, where he began acting in Latin American soap operas, better known in the business as “telenovelas”.

Over the years he has become well known in the Hispanic market, working in film and television in Mexico and Colombia, and receiving worldwide exposure with the sales of his projects, that have been sold to over 120 countries, translated and subtitled to diverse languages. His popularity has stemmed from specific villain roles, for which he is fondly remembered, having become a household name throughout Latin America especially.

Juan Pablo has begun a swift cross-over to the American market, due to his perfect domain of both the Spanish and English languages. He has appeared in several films and television series like “King of Texas”, where he shared the stage with Roy Scheider, “Kings of South Beach”, with Donnie Walberg, “The Damned”, with Peter Faccinelli, “Sniper: Ultimate Kill”, with Tom Berenger, and the recently released “Loving Pablo”, with Penelope Cruz.

He has now become a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and resides in the United States.

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