Josef Fares

Josef Fares, born September 19, 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon, is a director, writer and actor. His family moved to Sweden in 1987 and settled in Örebro. Josef Fares was a very productive filmmaker in his teens. He diligently sent his works to all the world’s festivals for short films. Encouraged by the essence of Bruce Lee, inspired by directors like John Woo, Sergio Leone and Luc Besson. In 1998 he was admitted to the three-year film directing training at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. Still in school, Josef Fares made his feature film debut with “Jalla! Jalla!” (2000). The film became an enormous commercial and artistic success. “Jalla! Jalla!” portrayed complex multi-ethnic love problems. Two years later he was ready for his second feature film project. “Kopps” was equally successful and established Josef Fares as one of the distinguished directors of Swedish film. Hi elder brother Fares Fares and his father Jan Fares has starred in his films. He has been nominated and awarded a number of honorable prices, like the Nordic Council Film Prize 2006. Josef Fares has up till now directed five feature films and a large number of shorts. Currently he is working on the development and direction of video games.

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