Johnny Rivera

Johnny Rivera is an actor born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and raised in Bushwick Brooklyn. Growing up, he didn’t believe being an actor was real. “I didn’t grow up wanting to be an actor. “No one ever told me it was something that was a career or that I can do.” It was in a drama class in HS that he first came across “Mambo Mouth” by John Leguizamo that first sparked his interest for acting.

After graduating HS, he attended SUNY PURCHASE college. He first got his first acting opportunity with a Brooklyn theatre company and soon after landing his first role in the Independent movie ‘Liberty Kid'(2007)

Some of his other credits include: Felipe & Rigo Heredio in “Law & Order SVU”, Manny in the webseries “East Willy-B”, Jose in the webseries ‘The Bodega”, Fresh in the film “11:55” Starring JOHN LEGUIZAMO

He is currently on set for the hit TV show “POWER” as a reoccurring role ‘Roberto”

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