John Winscher

Acting at the age of four, John Winscher played “The Second Wiseman” in the nativity play at St. John’s Lutheran church in Dixville, Minnesota. After becoming an atheist, he moved to California where he studied crying at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Having performed in many prestigious and exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles as “the guy who likes to serve you food”, he left L.A. and followed the film industry to Atlanta, Georgia. He’s since acted in seven television series, with recurring, co-star and guest-star roles, as well as multiple feature and short films. In 2019, he reprised the role of “the guy who likes to serve you food” at the now famous Pasta Da Pulcinella Italian restaurant in Midtown, Atlanta. During an evening performance John suffered a nervous breakdown. He was diagnosed “deprived of reason” and was last seen entering Okefenokee swamp on the Georgia/Florida border.

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