Joe Cheng Yuan Chang

Joe Cheng was born on June 19, 1982 in Taichung, Taiwan as Cheng Yuan-Chang. He is an actor, well known for this role as Jiang Zhishu in E zuo ju zhi wen (2005), Ezuoju 2 wen (2007) and has gained much recognition as an actor in most parts of Asia. Joe began his career in the entertainment industry with Catwalk Modelling Agency. He reportedly achieved success as a model within one year of signing.

As a model, Cheng was featured in several music videos, including one of Heavenly King Jacky Cheung’s. In 2003, he took on the role of the second male lead in Qiang wei zhi lian (2003), a Taiwanese drama serial which also starred Taiwanese girl band S.H.E. and actress Cecilia Yip. It was this role that kick-started his acting career. Following his rising popularity and the success of his first acting role, Joe was asked to make a guest appearance as Lucifer in Taiwanese boyband Energy’s first-ever idol drama, Dance with Michael, in the same year. Cheng starred as the main lead in two dramas, Nine-ball and Magic Ring in 2004. Although these two serials achieved lukewarm success, Cheng took the role of the main lead in E zuo ju zhi wen (2005) in the following year. This serial achieved high ratings in Taiwan and was popular with audiences throughout Asia. Joe’s popularity rose tremendously as a result. E zuo ju zhi wen (2005) was also Joe’s first collaboration with actress Ariel Lin. The two, who are often touted as one of Taiwan’s most compatible on-screen couples, paired up again in the 2007 sequel to It Started with a Kiss, Ezuoju 2 wen (2007); as well as Love or Bread (2008) which is unrelated to the Kiss series.

In his modelling career, he has modelled for several big-name brands including Puma AG (2003-2005) and Adidas (2006-present). He has starred in numerous runway shows for brands such as Marc Jacob’s (2003), Timberland, Levi’s and Christian Dior (2007) He often also appears at flagship store openings including Hugo Boss (2009). Cheng also endorses several foods, jewellery and clothing brands; the most recent being Chinese green tea brand Kang Shifu (for which Cheng starred and recorded a song with Mike Ho and actress Joe Chen) as well as casual wear brand N+a (with singer-actress Cyndi Wang).

In 2016, Joe participated in a Chinese Reality Show Fei fan da dang (2016), where he was paired up with Ariel Lin on numerous occasion and eventually won first place together. Joe’s popularity rise to fame in China for his personality in the show.

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