Jesse Lewis IV

Funny! One Word, One Man. Jesse Lewis IV is the new face of comedy. With his “off the cuff” rapid fire delivery something like the comedic love child of Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams. This young man’s mouth packs a punch that transcends the stage and screen to be overshadowed only by his 1,000’s of contorted facial expressions he makes while elaborately and expeditiously delivering “the funniest faces” of his generation. Portraying characters of varying socio-economic and even sexual lifestyles, Jesse seamlessly maneuvers through characters as though he was born as each individual. Recently adding On Air Personality to his resume, his fast talking, explosive personality has some stating “Jesse could interview [a rock] and make it interesting”. Star of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s highly successful and poignant webisode series, “In The Moment” and, the provocatively groundbreaking LGBT film, “Tweakers”. When Jesse is not volunteering his time to actively educate the public on LGBT equality. He can also be seen on television, with his own Vh1/Viacom series, “America’s MOST Smartest Model” and guest starring roles on “Gene Simmons-Family Jewels” ,”Nip/Tuck” ,and “CSI”, his debut role in 20th Century Fox’s “Meet The Spartans”, followed with the Sony Pictures cult classic “Black Dynamite” and, his upcoming Fall 2012 film “FanAddict”. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, becoming an active advocate for youth was an obvious and natural progression for me”. Jesse’s participation with the Children’s Defense Fund, California Attorney Generals Youth Commission, College Alumnus & Recruiter for Alabama A&M University and, past student representative on the Sacramento City Unified School District board are just more examples of Jesse’s true understanding and mastery of the power of media. This understanding has allowed him to transcend merely being considered an entertainer but more importantly becoming a social medium that educates and motivates through the arts. With a recently announced 2012 overseas fragrance launch, partnered with C&L fragrances and, many more exciting entertainment projects in his future, Jesse is actively contributing to changing the supposed limited marketability of the openly alternative entertainer, one project at a time!

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