Jedediah Jenk

Jedediah Jenk, all-around storyteller, began his journey with an early fascination in theater and film. As a mere child, he was chosen to play “Tiny Tim” in a local Christmas production and received a standing ovation. Jedediah was not merely satisfied with playing a character on the stage. By only the 6th grade, he was composing feature-film orchestral compositions and writing full-length screenplays. Peers and teachers looked on in amazement, voting him “mostly likely to succeed.” The name “Jedi” began to stick as he as he explored his many film-related talents. Jedi was also revered for his tech-savvy, often volunteering to help with computer repairs.

By the time he was of college-age, Jedi was already working at the highly prestigious Skywalker Sound in northern California and was hand-picked for a unique film internship in Germany. Inspired by his family’s history of engineers, Jedi explored sound design and orchestral scoring for film. However, drawn to a deep love of the ultimate story-telling art, Jedi decided to take back to his root in acting and briefly moved to NY to study with famed casting director John Pallotta. Jedi moved back to LA in 2015 to continue his acting education with fellow actors Reynaldo Pacheco and Joy Rinaldi and casting director Sam Christinsen.

To date, Jedediah Jenk has acted with some of the best in the business – including Tom Hanks and Emma Watson and worked with top directors Christopher Nolan, Dean Deblois and Clint Eastwood. Jedesiah studied under iconic and well-loved film composers Alan Silvestri and Shigeru Umebayashi.

“Always push forward to be the best you that you can be! Life goes by very quickly and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it and to love and inspire others to do the same!” – Jedediah, 2017

Jedediah’s passion for storytelling is matched only by his love for people and his desire to use film and acting as a tool of inspiration. Jedediah has been involved with several charities such as Breast Cancer Foundations and frequently donates his time to various charitable organizations.

After working briefly in the background world to explore a new side of film, meet otherwise forgotten people and earn his way, from the bottom-up into SAG-AFTRA, Jedediah “The Jedi” is poised to become one of the most successful rising stars of our generation – combining intellect, compassion, passion, and creativity into one package.

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