Jay Bauman

Jay Bauman (1980) is a director, writer, actor and one of the two operators of RedLetterMedia, an American film/video production company, together with Mike Stoklasa.

Bauman started his career as an independent filmmaker, before meeting Stoklasa at a filmmaker’s forum in 2001. Eventually they started working together on movies such as Gorilla Interrupted (2003), Feeding Frenzy (2010) and Space Cop (2016), all released under the RedLetterMedia banner.

Besides movies, Bauman and Stoklasa work on a couple of YouTube shows like their main movie review series Half in the Bag (2011), Best of the Worst (2013) where they talk about movies that are generally considered as bad or amateurish and re:View (2016), an analysis of an older, sometimes forgotten movie, or some personal favorites. The two are often joined by Rich Evans, Jack Packard and Josh Davis.

Bauman implements a lot of comedy in his video’s through absurdist jokes, unexpected subject changes or directional editing.

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