Jason Williams

Jason Williams was a handsome and charming blonde actor who popped up in a handful of delightfully down’n’dirty drive-in exploitation features from the early 70s up until the mid 90s. Williams achieved his greatest enduring cult cinema popularity as the titular lead character in the amusingly naughty sci-fi porno spoof “Flesh Gordon,” which was the first of four films he starred in for producer Bill Osco. Williams portrayed a vicious lowlife criminal in the gritty and exciting crime/action thriller “Cop Killers,” the dashing White Night in the uproariously raunchy tongue-in-cheek musical porno riot “Alice in Wonderland,” and a bitter, disgruntled football player in the enjoyably trashy “Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend.” Jason’s other memorable roles include a greedy pimp in the scuzzy chicks-in-chains outing “Prison Girls,” a jerky college frat boy jock in the entertainingly crummy sci-fi/horror hoot “Time Walker,” a rugged laid-back police detective in the silly “Vampire at Midnight,” and the tough undercover narc hero of the immensely fun’n’funky “Danger Zone” flicks. Moreover, Williams often also served as both writer and producer of a majority of movies he acted in. Williams produced a bunch of episodes of the Emmy-winning TV series “Lost Civilizations.” His last credit to date was as a producer of the documentary “Tiger!”.

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