Jason Salkey

English actor who is most well-known for playing the educated rifleman, “Harris”, in the “Sharpe” series alongside Sean Bean, Daragh O’Malley and a host of other supporting actors.

Born in London, Salkey moved to Massachusetts, in the United States, where he would complete his education. He was interested in sports as a youth, and along with acting, it was set to be one of the last choices he would be faced with for a career job. Although he began playing in Frisbee competitions internationally, he eventually decided to be an actor.

Returning to England, Salkey began acting in theatre. He participated in a series of plays related to art as one of the highlights. Moving along, he eventually found a role in a large ad campaign to promote “Miller Lite”, a campaign that made his face easily recognizable to many British households.

On film, too, he was starting to show his talents as an actor. His screen debut was the war film, Memphis Belle (1990), starring Matthew Modine, Billy Zane, Sean Astin and Eric Stoltz. That year, he also appeared as a policeman in an episode of London’s Burning (1988), and a third supporting role in The Russia House (1990), starring Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer and Roy Scheider.

The next year or so was confined to television before Salkey got acquainted with Jim Goddard, who was involved in creating a new show called “Sharpe”. Auditioning, and landing, a part in this new series, Salkey’s role of a lifetime was found, and he co-starred in 12 of 16 episodes. The character of “Harris” became well-known to fans as the educated rifleman who had no first name. He was also a favour of the drink, but still one of Sharpe’s true Chosen Men.

Since his departure, Salkey has continued to expand his acting history, notably the comedic About a Boy (2002), the Jim Sheridan film, In America (2002), the television series, The Bill (1984), and the television drama, Forgiven (2007).

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