James Achille

James Achille is a former Collegiate athlete, originally from Erie, PA. He graduated at the University of Akron with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. While at College he split time going to school and then traveling to New York City in the summers to pursue his acting/modeling career. Once graduated he moved to NYC for what he thought was for good.

His first debut on television was with MTV in which they flew James out to Los Angeles for a week. This was his first taste of the West Coast.

James, who developed an assiduous work ethic at a very young age, knew he was ready to take another leap of faith and move to Los Angeles to really pursue TV & Film. This decision was made in a matter of days. He put in his two weeks at his job. James packed two suitcases and booked a one-way flight to LA. Landing in LAX with no place to stay and not knowing a single person he hit the ground running.

Within the first year of living in LA he booked his breakthrough role as the Lead in a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ type TV Series on the LifeTime Network called “Crazy Love.” He just finished filming the Lead in a TV Series pilot (2019) called “Nobody’s From LA.” James is also scheduled to shoot the lead in a Feature film this summer (July 2019) called “The Root of Perfection” back in Pennsylvania.

James’ tenacious work ethic is all fueled by the insurmountable support from his family, friends, and fans.

“What drives me is looking forward to the day I am able to give back to everyone who has put their faith and support in me pursuing my dreams.” – James

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