Jade Carter

Jade Carter grew up on a small farm near the town of Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. He spent most of his time riding his horse, playing sports or reading by the fireplace and losing himself in books. However, at the age of twelve he was severely injured in a tractor accident that left doctors doubting he would live, much less walk. After two months he overcame the odds and walked out the hospital doors to return home.

During his long recovery he learned many life lessons, the most important of which was Carpe Diem – life truly can be over in an instant, so live life to the fullest and seize the day. Finding a passion for acting and travel, Jade followed that tenet and was highly active in drama and sports throughout high school and later majored in acting at the Red Deer College Theatre Studies Performance program, graduating top of his class. After living in the mountain town of Banff for two years, and owning his own business for two more, he then made the move to Los Angeles to pursue acting and explore the world.

Only months after arriving in LA, Jade landed his first guest starring role on NBC’s Hang Time (1995), followed immediately with roles in Malcolm in the Middle (2000), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), Ladies Man (1999), Miracles (2003), Cold Case (2003), NCIS (2003), 24 (2001) and more. His biggest break came when he beat out several Russian actors to play the role of Sergei Zhukov, the Russian brother to the star of the CBS dramatic series JAG (1995) – a two episode arc that stretched into a four-year fan favorite role.

His acting career firmly established, Jade’s wanderlust now demanded equal attention, so he and his wife jumped the pond to backpack Western Europe for three months (narrowly escaping death while jumping off a moving train in Italy!), immersing themselves in the history and culture of the ancient cities of London, Paris or Rome. A few short months after returning home, the far side of the world soon beckoned and Jade and his wife were off again, this time to live in a campervan and drive Australia for nine months, with no agenda but to explore the land.

Once back in Los Angeles, Jade refocused on his acting career, landing roles on House M.D. (2004), The Young and the Restless (1973), General Hospital (1963), Days of Our Lives (1965), and several feature films. However, whether on set or exploring the world, Jade continues to remember the hard lessons of his youth, living life to the fullest…and just being grateful to be here at all.

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