Jacques Derosena

Born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Jacques immediately left the United States and grew up in Haiti and various cities in the South of France until the age of twelve. He then moved back to Boston, Chicago, Maryland, and New York. He Is of Haitian, Dominican, French and Italian descent. He Is fluent in French. Jacques started working in the finance department of Miramax and Dimension Films. He eventually left and began studying acting at Herbert Berghoff Studios, Stella Adler Academy NewYork , Uprights Citizen’s brigade and The BGB Studio in Los Angeles.

He has worked in theatre, short films, feature films , Commercials and has had a successful career as an international Hand model. Jacques is also a Film Producer, Film Festival Organizer and Voice Over Artist. He is also on the board of “Kapow Film Festival” ; A Sci-Fi Film Festival located in North Hollywood.

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